Our Toolbox

Valais, a key player in life sciences, offers a comprehensive range of services, expertise, and inter-company collaboration opportunities across the entire value chain. 

Find a partner

Are you looking for a solid partner to help your company grow, develop a new product or consolidate an innovation?  

BioArk can help you identify the right partner for your needs. It can rely on several relays to help you gain exposure and broaden your search for collaborations.  

Search for skills

Are you looking for new skills to expand your team or complete a project? 

We can help you tap into our Community to find the right solutions. We have direct links with the economic, academic and training sectors. 

Find customers

Want to develop and grow your business? Take advantage of the various platforms in our community to raise your profile and find additional customers.  

Events, networking, delegations to international trade fairs, articles, links with the media: there’s no shortage of ways to help you! 

Set up my business

Do you need an office, a laboratory, advice on your business plan, facilities to test your new product or simply to build a professional network?  

BioArk can help. Support programmes, notably through The Ark Foundation, can help you during the first few years of your company’s life. 

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