Anti-cancer treatment: new high-profile investor for Nanobacteria!

7 May 2024
Nanobactérie, whose AlphaOnco subsidiary is based at the BioArk in Monthey, announces a strategic partnership with EP Equity Investment (EPEI), a Luxembourg-based investment company. As part of this collaboration, EPEI has acquired a 24.99% stake in Nanobactérie, which specializes in the treatment of certain cancers. BioArk congratulates Nanobactérie and AlphaOnco on this promising new step, and looks forward to continuing to support their development.


This alliance represents a crucial step for Nanobacteria as it continues to develop its revolutionary medical device for the treatment of prostate cancer. Nanobacteria has developed a unique treatment method and a device that is now ready for the next phase of clinical trials and regulatory approvals.
The investment in Nanobacteria aligns perfectly with EPEI’s commitment to supporting companies at the forefront of medical innovation. Impressed by Nanobacteria’s innovative treatment solutions, EPEI is committed to supporting their journey through clinical approvals, ultimately aiming to improve outcomes for prostate cancer patients.

Upcoming clinical trials

Edouard Alphandéry, founder of Nanobactérie, expressed his gratitude for this collaboration: “EPEI’s investment is crucial for us at this important stage of development. Their belief in our mission and our technology enables us to move forward with the essential clinical trials needed to bring our treatment to patients. Together, we are setting a new standard in cancer treatment.”

Nanobacteria and its subsidiary AlphaOnco are developing a non-invasive cancer treatment using magnetic nanoparticles synthesized by magnetotactic bacteria. Founded in 2008 by Dr Edouard Alphandéry, a renowned international expert in oncological hyperthermia, the Nanobactérie team is developing a treatment method and medical devices for prostate cancer, with potential applications for other conditions. The company is currently preparing for clinical trials and subsequent commercialization of its products. EP Equity Investment is an investment company specializing in listed companies and promising European businesses.

Source : press release

Photo credit : National Cancer Institute (Unsplash)

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